5 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started with an Arduino

5 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started with an Arduino

I am going to explain 5 Essential Things to Know Before Getting Started with an Arduino.

Arduino Programming or Development has two different parts is Hardware and another one is Software.

Arduino is an Open-Source Hardware Prototype to learn programs and to develop electronics projects.

Arduino is widely used all around the world at School and Colleges Project Development. Because of its Open-Source nature and Ease of Setup, most Hobbyists developed cool projects using Arduino.

  1. Arduino IDE
  2. Fritzing
  3. Arduino Boards and Sensors
  4. Basic of C and C++
  5. Arduino References

Arduino IDE

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment, Arduino IDE provides an interface to program Arduino Boards or ICs.

Arduino IDE facilitates User Interface to Write Code and Burn to IC, Manage Libraries, and so on.

There is two way to use Arduino IDE, One is Online that is named Arduino Editor and another one is Arduino IDE which we could install in our Windows, Linux, and Mac.

To download Arduino IDE,


To Code Online use Arduino Web Editor,



Fritzing is an application software to design electronic circuits and hardware projects like Arduino projects.

Before developing in real components or hardware components we could test the code using Fritzing. It is quite useful for electronics lovers.

To know more about Fritzing and Download it, visit the official site https://fritzing.org/

Arduino Boards and Sensor

Starting to develop a project in Arduino, we have little knowledge about Arduino Boards and Sensors.

In the case of Sensor, we are well known about the operating power of the sensor otherwise we will lose it.

Most of the sensor uses 3.3V and 5V so we take care of the power consumption of the sensor.

Arduino has different types of boards having different purposes.So before buying or developing a project we have to pay attention which Board will be suitable for Project.

Most of the beginners who are just learning Arduino buy Arduino Uno and it’s most used Arduino Board for general purposes.

Basic of C and C++ Language

As we know that C is the High-Level Programming Language and mostly used to interact with Hardware Components.

Arduino uses C and C++  Programming Languages to write programs. C and C++, both Programming Languages are easy to learn.

Before developing a Project on Arduino, we need to know some basics of C and C++ Programming. If we are able to understand or write programs using C and C++ then we are ready to learn Arduino. 

Arduino is a combination of Software and Hardware so if we learn software that is C and C++ then it’s easy to interact with Hardware Components, it may be Sensors or Actuators.

Arduino References

Arduino has its own style of programming using C and C++. Arduino has many libraries for different Sensors and it has a number of functions to accomplish tasks or operations.

Arduino References consists of a number of tips and tricks about the programming style of Arduino so before jumping into Arduino World. It is essentials to learn some basics about Arduino.

Arduino References in the learning Centre for newbie and gets to information about functions used in Arduino.

So. let’s read Arduino References before start Project development https://www.arduino.cc/reference/en/

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