5 Most Important WordPress Plugins

5 Most Important  WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are the small part of Software or Components that are used to extend and expand the functionality or features in your WordPress Website.

There is a number of plugins available in WordPress but you have to care about choosing the right plugin for your Website or blog developed in WordPress.

Here I mention the 5 Most important WordPress Plugins that must have been installed in your WordPress.

#1. Wordfence

It is the most popular WordPress Plugin for Security and the active installation of this WordPress Plugin across 4 Million Plus.

#2. Custom Post Type UI

This WordPress Plugin is used to create Custom Post Type in WordPress, and it’s an awesome trick to create like Post Type like POST.

#3. Advanced Custom Fields

It is also one of the popular WordPress plugins and its active installation is more than 1 Million. It is used to create custom fields in WordPress.

#4. Yoast

Yoast is the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plugin in WordPress and it is very popular, we can imagine its active installation because it has 5 Million Plus Active installation.

#5. Google Analytics

Analytics is the tool to measure the traffic as well as the performance of the Website. We can track our Traffic and Monitor them using this WordPress Plugin.

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