Arduino Projects: Basic to Advanced Level Projects

Arduino Projects: Basic to Advanced  Level  Projects

Arduino is the most popular open-source electronic platform for learning electronics and programming.

Nowadays it is used for a wide range of applications and different areas like Education, Research, and the Internet of Things.

Many School and College Students were using Arduino for developing their Projects using different Sensors and Application Ideas.

Arduino is an Open-Source Hardware Prototype. It is  Open-Source that’s why it is used WorldWide with massive users and popularity is growing day-by-day.

It is really easy to develop electronics Projects on Arduino and learn Hardware Programming.

If You are a beginner in programming and want to learn Hardware Programming and Embedded systems then it’s better to start with Arduino.

Arduino uses the most popular and basic languages, C and C++. C Programming Language is one of the most popular and used Programming Languages.

And we know that the World’s most popular Operating System Linux which handles almost 90% of Servers is developed using C Programming Language.

C++ is the Advanced and Enhanced version of C Programming. C++ is Object Oriented Programming Language and Easy to learn like C Programming Language.

So, Arduino is programmed using C and C++ Programming Language. We could develop many Arduino and IoT Projects using Arduino Technology.

In this post, I am going to mention some Arduino Projects for Beginner and  Advanced Level.

1. Arduino Motion Sensor Project: Alarm System

The Arduino Alarm System is one of the cool projects and it is developed with different ideas. But in this project, I am using a PIR Motion Sensor which senses the motion and turns on the buzzer which gives sound.

2. DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Arduino DHT11 Sensor is capable of sensing Temperature and Humidity. In this post, I have used Arduino Uno and DHT11 Sensor.

3. Arduino MQ-2 Gas Sensor

MQ – 2 is one of the Gas Sensors, and is capable of sensing the value of LPG, Propane, Hydrogen, CO, Alcohol, and Methane. 

4. HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Arduino Bluetooth Module is capable of connecting with your device. In this project, I have used the Arduino Bluetooth Module and Mobile App that turns ON and OFF the Lights through Voice. 

5. Home Automation: Arduino Home Automation Project

The Arduino Home Automation Project uses different sensors like the MQ-2 Gas Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, and other components.

6. IoT Application: Open-Source IoT Application for Automation Projects

In this project, I have designed a Dashboard using Bootstrap 4, CSS, and JavaScript. Firebase for Real-time Database and Heroku app for Free Hosting.

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