How to install the NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu?

Step-by-Step Guide to install NVIDIA Drivers Step 1: Check Your System's Graphics Cards To...

May 8, 2021


How to Change File/Directory Permission in Linux?

Hello Everyone, I am WordPress Developer and Blogger I write about the issues which I have faced...

April 30, 2021

Linux Web Development

How to install Heroku CLI on Ubuntu?

There are two methods to install Heroku CLI on your Ubuntu System, one is the Standalone...


How to install AnyDesk in Linux?

The very first step is to update your system then run other commands, so let’s get...

April 29, 2021


How to install Node.js on Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is Debian based Linux operating system It is popular for Desktop as well as Server...

April 27, 2021


How to Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is Awesome innovation, it is loved by Programmers, Developers, Enthusiasts,...

April 10, 2021


How to Setup Web Server on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is Single Board Computer used for multi purposes because of its portability and...

April 8, 2021


Why Linux is the most secure operating system?

Linux is the most secure operating system because of its permission levelLinux does not provide...


Why should computer science students use the Linux operating system?

Linux is an open-source operating system It means we could get source code and make it own by...

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