Getting Started IoT with JavaScript : Johnny-Five

Getting Started IoT with JavaScript : Johnny-Five

Hello Friends, I have come up with this topic to help IoT Beginner and Enthusiast who are struggling to where to start building IoT projects or kinds of stuff.

As we know there are numbers of Hardware Platform which provide Internet of Things (IoT) Learning.

IoT is the future Technology and emerging rapidly nowadays. People use lots of devices and things which are connected to the Internet.

It may be Home Appliances, Security Cameras, or other entertainment tools.

So, to learn IoT and develop the cool project first we have to know basic of programming and hardware components which are going to be used.

Programming Language is used to communicate with the device or hardware components. There are lots of programming languages having their own characteristics.

C and C++ are mostly used High-Level Programming Language in Embedded System.

They have their own characteristics to be popular. But nowadays JavaScript is used everywhere.

In this post, we are going to use JavaScript’s IoT Framework called Johnny-Five

Step 1: Setup

First, we have to set up the environment.

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Setup your board.
  3. Get Johnny-Five: npm install johnny-five *

Step 2: Code

const {Board, Led} = require("johnny-five");
const board = new Board();
board.on("ready", () => {
  const led = new Led(13);

After Setup, you have to follow this video. Here First you have to plug your Arduino Uno Board and Open Arduino IDE.

Arduino IDE must include Firmata Library and an upload sample program to Arduino.

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