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How to Code Arduino Uno?

January 7, 2021
How to Code Arduino Uno?

Arduino Uno is one of the most popular boards, it is used for learning Hardware Projects and Programming to Students, hobbyists, Teachers, and so on.

Arduino Uno is a low-Cost Open-Source Hardware Platform, it is easy to set up and to do projects.

Most of the hobbyists developed cool projects using it, all around the world.

As we know all Embedded System has GPIO(General Purpose Input Output) Pins to accept Data as Input and Result in Output.

Arduino Uno has a total of 14 Pins(D0 – D13) for Output and a total of 6 Pins(A0 – A5) for Input.

Arduino Uno is capable to communicate with different Sensors which means we can easily set up a Sensor with Arduino and could take input data from them.

Arduino Uno uses different sensors like PIR Motion Sensor, DHT11 Sensor (Humidity and Temperature), Ultrasonics Sensor, and so on.

But in this post, I am going to write some code that blinks LED using Arduino Uno.

int led = 5;
void setup()
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);

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