How to Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi?

How to Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is Awesome innovation, it is loved by Programmers, Developers, Enthusiasts, hobbyists, hackers, and Astronauts too.

I am a Web Developer and use Raspberry Pi as a Web Server and do some IoT Projects. Today in this post we are going to learn “How to Enable SSH on Raspberry Pi?”

Let’s do Step-by-Step

Step 1: Open Terminal and hit sudo raspi-config

This is the very first step to enable SSH on Raspberry Pi. We have to open a terminal and hit the sudo raspi-config command.

It displays message like this

Step 2: Go to Interface Options and Press Enter 

After Pressing Enter it shows a menu like this.

Step 3: Go to SSH and Press Enter

Congratulations !, You have enabled ssh on Raspberry Pi

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