How to Install Multiple Versions of Node.js on Linux?

How to Install Multiple Versions of Node.js on Linux?

Node.js is a back-end JavaScript runtime Environment. It executes JavaScript Code and runs on V8 engine.

NVM is Node Version Manager, to manage Node.js on Linux or other systems NVM plays an important role.

Step 1: Install NVM

The very first Step is to install NVM on system, so just hit this command.

$ curl -o- | bash

Step 2: Verify the installation

After executing first step, you need to verify the installation, so to verify the NVM

$ command -v nvm

$ nvm -v

Step 3: install Node.js

After verifying the installation of NVM, you could install Node.js using this command.

$ nvm install node

Now you have successfully installed Node.js on your system. To check how many versions of Node.js installed, execute this command.

$ nvm ls

And if you want to use specific version of Node.js to use, try this command.

$ nvm use 16.1.0

Find the official Documentation of NVM

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