How to Monitor Linux Server from Browser?

How to Monitor Linux Server from Browser?

As we know we can monitor process metrics and system using htop command but it is possible to Monitor Linux Server from Browser. Follow these Steps and see the magic !

Step 1: Update System

The very first step before installing any package on linux is to update system using this command.

$ sudo apt-get update

Step 2: Install Ruby

After update the system we need to install Ruby on our system but nowadays it’s by default installed if not installed on your system then run this command

$ sudo apt-get install rubygems

Step 3: Install scout_realtime

Install scout_realtime using the following command.

$ sudo gem install scout_realtime

Step 4: Run scout_realtime

After installing scout_realtime on your system, you need to run $ scout_realtime, this command to start

After running scout_realtime, you can Monitor your System and Server using http://ipaddress:5555 or http://localhost:5555

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