How to Setup Web Server on Raspberry Pi?

How to Setup Web Server on Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is Single Board Computer used for multi purposes because of its portability and performance.

Raspberry Pi is used for Learning Programming, Penetration Testing, Embedded System Project Development, Hacking and Astronauts use Raspberry Pi to run their computer programs in space.

Today, in this post I am going to write about Making Web Server on Raspberry Pi which helps us to host Websites and Web Application in our own server.

And we get some knowledge about Web Server Configuration and Web Hosting.

So, let’s take action Step-by-Step.

Step 1: Install Apache

Before installing any packages on Linux we need to update the system. So run this command to update the system.

$ sudo apt-get update

After update the system run this command to install apache

$ sudo install apache2 -y

Hope there will not be any error occurred during this process.if yes then you have successfully installed apache. Let’s check it type https://localhost in Browser then it will display the default index page.

Step 2: Install PHP 

$ sudo apt-get install php -y

This command installs the PHP in your system, we can test which PHP version installed by typing php -v in your terminal.

Step 3: Install MySQL

$ sudo apt-get install mariadb-server php-mysql -y 

This Step helps you to install MySQL Database Management System.

Step 4: Install and Configure PHPMyAdmin 

$ sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

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