How to Setup WordPress Site?

How to Setup WordPress Site?

WordPress is a Content Management System that provides full customization functionality for Web Developers.

You can easily develop Website without creating a backend system. WordPress  provides us with a fully customized Backend whatever we want to customize.

So, in this example we are going to setup Fresh WordPress Site Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Download WordPress

The very first step is to download WordPress Website from official Site 

Step 2: Extract and Paste to Local Server 

After Download WordPress from the Official Site, we have to extract the downloaded files and paste them on the Local Server Directory 

In the case of Ubuntu, the local server’s location is var/www/html/

In the case of Windows, We have to find and locate XAMPP installed Path.

Step 3: Open Site in Browser

We have to open a site on a Browser like this http://localhost/wordpress

WordPress Configuration File will Open like this

Step 4: Create Database 

We need to create a Database for our local environment so, create a Database http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step 5: Create wp-config.php

We have to create a wp-config.php file and paste the code.

Step 6: Run the installation

If you are seeing this Dashboard after login then you have successfully setup WordPress Site

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