IoT Application: Realtime, Secure & Open-Source

IoT Application: Realtime, Secure & Open-Source

The term IoT stands for the Internet of Things. There are two parts. The first one is the Internet and all we know that the internet is the public network to share data, it may be text, audio, and Video.

So the second part is Things, Things refers to anything that we see like Home, Car, Motorbike, Cycle, Sound System, or Anything that we can see and touch.

Because of the Rapid development of Technology that things have become smart. Now Home became Smart Home and Offices are going smarter, everything is connected with the internet and Automation plays a vital role.

 let’s talk about some practical examples of exactly IoT things nowadays and how it affects our daily life and How we could make applications for the Internet of Things(IoT) Devices. To control and monitor things.

There are lots of Tech giant Companies taking an interest and investing in the Internet of Things because we all know that it’s the Future.

Tech Giant company provides IoT Platforms and IoT Applications, most of them provide Real-Time and Cloud Services which exactly IoT Needs.

Their cost is so high, only well-established Business afford it. But for the learning phase, we could not afford their subscription so we have to search for open-source.

Nowadays, ESP 8266 is one of the most popular IoT Platform for Learning purposes because of it’s easy to set up and use.

There are lots of IoT Platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, and ESP32, but among them, I recommend for beginners to use ESP8266.

I have developed some Projects on it, and find it’s the easiest setup and cool device ever seen.

My completed Projects are in this blog

An IoT Application to control Home and Electrical Appliances and hosted it free on Heroku app and used Firebase Database Free which provides Real-time and fast.

Find My IoT Application on Github

Live Demo of IoT Application

IoT Application

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