IoT Platform: All You Need to Know

IoT Platform: All You Need to Know

IoT Platform Provides you to manage sensors, devices, and services using a common platform.

Using IoT Platform, We can easily set up and manage our devices and optimize their performance and monitor all the services in a single Dashboard.

So, the IoT platforms play the most important role in the Internet of Things Industry. There is a number of Company who provides IoT Platform like Azure IoT, Ubidots, IBM Watson, and Arduino IoT Cloud, etc.

IoT is the future of Technology, Everything will be connected after 10 or 20 years later. People developed things to smart things, it’s all about IoT.

Maker, Developer, or Tech Person use Programming Language and Sensor to control any Hardware Device and control it according to his/her interest.

Nowadays, We can see many things became Smart like Smart Phones, Smart TV, Smart Car or Vehicles even Home became Smart Home, Everything is Connected.

In near future, the use of IoT is rapidly growing from wearable things to Auto-Motive, IoT will be everywhere.

The main problems with IoT Platform are Security, IoT devices need High Security to access authorized person otherwise it may cause a big issue because it is part of our life and it’s physical devices or things it may create trouble to people.

We could learn IoT Programming or developing IoT projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266 like devices.

Using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP8266, We could develop basic knowledge about IoT and it helps us to know about How Industrial IoT works.

Industrial IoT, is also one of the hot topics on the Internet nowadays. Many Companies used IoT Devices to operate their Machines Automatically and monitor workflow.

Most of the Manufacturing Industry use IoT System for Fast and reliable. Using IoT accuracy will be high because there is no excuse, they just understand the program.

So, if you are starting learning IoT Programming or planning to develop a project on IoT then it’s better to start from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP8266.

They give you a fundamental understanding of IoT and the way of communicating Sensors and Devices.

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