Is JavaScript suitable for IoT? – Practical Guide

Is JavaScript suitable for IoT? – Practical Guide

JavaScript is the best scripting language for the Internet of things. Everyone has basic knowledge of JavaScript, and it’s easy to learn having C Programming Basic Concept.

In the case of Web Developers, they do a lot of stuff using JavaScript so it’s really easy to understand and  code Hardware Devices using JavaScript.

A wide variety of Hardware Prototypes like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP and many other devices have their own Programming Languages.

If we want code on Raspberry Pi then it’s official Language is Python, C and C++ used for Arduino and Lua for ESP Devices.

So, it’s worth it to learn those languages, we can communicate with those devices using a single programming language i.e JavaScript.

Check out the practical example with sample code : 

Getting Started IoT with JavaScript : Johnny-Five

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