What is WordPress? All You Need to Know

What is WordPress? All You Need to Know

WordPress is an Open-Source Content Management System(CMS) written in PHP. Using WordPress you could develop:

  • Blog: A blog is a type of website developed for sharing tutorials, thoughts, photos, reviews, recipes and so on.

  • E-commerce website – An e-commerce website allows you to sell goods or services online and collect payment via an online payment system. You can download and install a WordPress e-commerce plugin to extend the default functionality of WordPress so you can have an online store on your website. The plugins like Woocommerce are free to use.

  • Business website – With the help of WordPress, we can easily develop Business Website .

  • Membership website – A membership website allows you to put content behind a paywall or an account login. To access pages or posts, users must login or pay for the content. WordPress can also handle membership websites with additional plugins.

  • Portfolio website – WordPress helps to make Portfolio website too. You can make Portfolio Website for Designer, Developer, Photographer and so on.

  • E-learning website – Students can take online courses, track their progress, download resources and much more from an e-learning website. With a special kind of plugin called a WordPress LMS plugin, you can offer online courses from a WordPress website.

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