Why Linux is the most secure operating system?

Why Linux is the most secure operating system?

Linux is the most secure operating system because of its permission level.Linux does not provide access to read, write, and execute to all users except root.

So, when we create a user we have to change the ownership of file and Directory.It is secure because of large community support and open-source.

So, its know a little bit more about permission level in Linux.First of all, there are 3 things to remember that is every file or Directory contains User, Group, and Other.

User refers to the creator or owner of the File/Directory.

Group is also like User but we can assign a number of User in a Group and give permission.

Other refers, except User and Group who owned File/Directory. It may be other User or Group or any application.

Most important things to remember

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Execute

These are the permission that we can apply to a particular File/Directory.

Read represented as ‘1’

Write represented as ‘2’

Execute represented as ‘4’

Let’s do some practical

Step 1: Create a Directory and File

Step 2: Check Ownership and change it

Step 3: Change Read Only Permission to Group and Others

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