Why should computer science students use the Linux operating system?

Why should computer science students use the Linux operating system?

Linux is an open-source operating system. It means we could get source code and make it own by modifying.

Linux has a huge family that is it has different distro(distribution) and every distro came up with new ideas and concepts.

Most of them are Server Oriented, Embedded systems, Desktop, Penetration Testing, and so on.

We know that almost 80% of the Server has installed Linux OS.

Linus is virus-free unlike windows OS, Linux does not have a .exe file format. It has a compressed file or application format and managing great user permission on File/Directory.

Linux is a Multi-User Operating System that means we could work on multiple users at the same time.

So we need to user management in Linux that refers to which file or directory belongs to whom.

User Management in Linux – Practical Guide

In User Management the very first step is to create a user, so let’s create a user in Linux through this command.

$sudo useradd username

If you want to check the user is created or not then type this command in terminal

$cat /etc/passwd

After this, you have to set a password for that user so type this command

$sudo passwd username

Now it’s time to switch the user which you have created, type this command in the terminal.

$sudo su dorje

Command to display files/Directories

$ls -l

Create a file with this command

$sudo touch filename

Create Directory/Folder

$sudo mkdir foldername

Change Ownership of File/Directory

$sudo chown -R dorje linuxworkspace

How to recognize the file and Directory?

If permission level, see in the first column of the above picture the directory are started with ‘d’ and files are started with ‘’ sign.

For example, the last picture having drwxr-xr-x is a directory and the above item is a file.


Most of the IT student has a dream to be a Cyber Security Engineer, Telecommunication Analyst, Network Engineer, Software Developer and many other areas of Information Technology so Linux is one of the best OS for IT Students so Why don’t you start learning Linux from now. Install Ubuntu in your Machine.

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